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8 lessons I learnt while Beta Testing my retirement.

It hit me one fine day. I had completed 10 years in advertising. A decade of late nights followed by early mornings, cup’o’noodle lunches followed by whisky shot dinners, and 10 years of living with a constant craving to ‘just do nothing’ for a little while.


Happily Ever After. And how it almost ruined my life.

We’ve all heard, or read, or seen the syndicated version of this story.

A regular Joe or Jane is stumbling through life. Then he or she discovers a life goal: return ring to lava-spouting mountain / burn everyone in sight with your dragon babies and claim your birthright/ take down a terrorist network using just toothpicks and bubblegum. And after successfully completing said task, Mr. Joe or Ms. Jane would kick back, sip on something cold and live Happily Ever After.


What writers can learn from President Donald Trump: #BeMoreTrump

The list of horrifying things about the 45th President of The United States grows longer each time the news cycle refreshes itself. But every cloud has a silver lining, even if the said cloud is a mushroom shaped, orange tinted, harbinger of doom.


Screw the Samsung Fridge.
Here’s what I’d like in my fridge of the future.

It’s 2020 and I have just gotten out of bed. It feels like a bowling ball is rolling around inside my head, a thunderstorm is raging inside my stomach and my mouth has been taken over by a salt lake.


A night away from 'life'.

Trekking up 3000 ft to Kohoj Fort by torchlight

The Kohoj Fort  (not Khoj fort, like I kept saying till someone was kind enough to correct me) towers over the tiny village of Vagothe, a hundred or so kilometres from Mumbai. Close enough for a quick weekend getaway, it’s just what you need to stretch your
city-cramped legs.