The Journey by Johnnie Walker

We wanted to take this music festival and make it a platform where a person with no claim to fame would be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to inspire the world.  

At the end of a campaign involving television, print, digital and outdoor, one lucky person would step up on stage and address everyone at The Journey. His or her words of inspiration would be webcast live across the world on a unique Johnnie Walker micro site. Unfortunately, only one part of this grand plan saw the light of day - the TVC. 


This wedding jewellery collection by the World Gold Council had a unique story to tell. Every design and motif in this collection drew its inspiration from the seven sacred vows that are a part of the Indian wedding ceremony. Naturally, the TVC created to launch Azva also had the same inspiration.


Acer laptops are beasts when it comes to performance. Our brief was to convince everyone that this was the case.
Our solution was to produce a full-length, broadcast-quality TV commercial for Acer using Acer laptops. 

Neo Sports India vs. Pakistan

The year was 2006. India and Pakistan rarely clashed on the field, and in those days the outcome of the match was not a foregone conclusion. Every ball and every run had millions of viewers holding their breaths, fingers tightly crossed for their desired result.

In the days before Hotstar and other streaming apps, people used to follow cricket matches on-the-move by reading ball-by-ball updates. Neo Sports aimed to change this by live-streaming matches on their site. Our job was to make people realize that reading about it could not possibly provide a complete picture of what was happening on the ground.  

Principal Global Opportunities Fund

The Indian economy was less tiger and more kitten in the early 2000s. Principal Mutual Funds launched the Global Opportunities Fund to help Indian investors put their money to work in global markets like Russia. The brief was for a print campaign but we ended up also making a television commercial - using only stock footage!

Skoda Rapid Ultima

The brief was packed with features of the new Skoda Rapid that just had to be mentioned and shown. So we did just that.


The brand tagline was 'Do You Vespa?' and our brief was to document the lives of a few mavericks who Vespa.

Airtel Rising Stars

Airtel was going to send a chosen few young footballers to Old Trafford for training. A minute-long film was to be made announcing this initiative. Our task was to create a series of films that could be shot in between takes of the main film, using the same location, props and talent.

Tata Sky

Tata Sky had just launched their HD box in the South of India. The Indian cricket team was just starting a series of away tours. Watching cricket was never going to be the same again.